A better anti-depressant than CAPS.

Why did we make this?

We recognize that Penn can be a stressful and intense place. We want this game to be a light-hearted medium for students to laugh at the absurdity of Penn's culture sometimes.

How big is the deck?

Hey — size ain't everything. The physical deck has ~200 total cards.

How much does each deck cost?

$20 (+$8 for off-campus shipping). Basically one Sweetgreen salad and a cup of coffee, or four three chicken over rice.

Where did you get the card ideas from?

We sourced cards ideas from many parts of the Penn community, from comedy groups to procrastination experts. We also conducted in-depth research from quality sources such as the OUPSCC (Meme) Facebook page and Under the Button.

Disclaimer: Squirrels Without Morality is a work of satire. It is not intended to offend anyone.